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Delivering value through the eyes of the customer.

LEAN can be described in a manner of ways, but overall, Lean is about the customer and how you provide added value through your operation to the customer.

In order to achieve this goal, and to eliminate activities which are not aligned to this goal, you must first understand what the customer wants from your organisation. Without this key first step, you will never achieve the first fundamental step in Lean. This is called “the voice of the customer”.
Now you must align your thinking to adding value to the services and products that the customer buys or uses from your organisation. Where value is not added, this should become a target for elimination.

A strong Lean implementation will also listen and increase the empowerment of the “floor” or “Gemba”. This the place where value is added, and all other activities should be in support of this.

The Lean toolbox includes many tools to help the practitioner eliminate “waste”, and the practitioner will be able to use these in a transparent manner within your organisation, only requiring you to provide the content and context of your operation.

It doesn’t matter if you are a production environment, a service industry or a not for profit charity - Lean can help make you more efficient. If you would like to know more, please forward your details to Leanworx via our Contact page, and let us explain our alternative and efficient approach .

Ross Garrett

Managing Director